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Myst III Exile Launcher

Myst III Exile, the third installment of the excellent Myst series of games is starting to show it's age, and doesn't run well on recent multi-core Intel Macs. This is due to the Bink video and audio library included with the game being somewhat outdated (from 2001!) and not handling multiple cores properly. This launcher is a simple wrapper that turns off all but one core on your machine, launches Myst III, then restores the system to it's previous state, allowing you to continue to enjoy playing Myst III Exile in all it's original glory, 9 years on from it's original release!

Apple's CHUD toolkit is required by Myst III Exile Launcher. If you do not have this already installed on your Mac please download and install CHUD Toolkit for Mac OS X 10.5 or CHUD Toolkit for Mac OS X 10.6.








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